We love the art of breaking and also are avid fitness enthusiasts. Being in quarantine has totally sucked, and we thought of making a program that our friends and family members could do while being caged at home. We’ve seen kids increase their screen time (Video games, Netflix, YouTube, etc.) like crazy and had some requests to turn our breaking lessons into a fitness program that families could do together. That is how we came up with BREAK FIT! Fun and easy programs that the whole family can do together.

Our goal is to help families stay healthy and connected during these tough times. We hope you enjoy doing the programs as much as we did making them!

The BreakFit Community

Once you become a member of the BreakFit family you will be have access to join our exclusive community.

Here, members get the latest updates and can also interact with each other by sharing their own accomplishments and give props and encouragement for other member’s achievements.

We know how hard it is to stay “on the wagon” and keep on course toward achieving our goals, so our community is a great place to stay accountable to yourself and also keep other members motivated and encouraged to achieving their goals.


  • Easy, Moderate, and Hard workout programs for all levels
  • Work your way up to advanced levels of breaking
  • Perfect for kids, teens or adults who want to get in shape while having fun
  • Start with our “Break 10” program where you can get in shape with just 10 minutes a day
  • Train with the best dancers in the world
  • Breaking is now officially an Olympic sport

Your Trainer
Darren Wong

  • Member of the Kinjaz from NBC’s World of Dance and MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew
  • 15 Years of teaching and training in the Hip Hop Dance community
  • 4 Years as adjunct faculty at the University of California, Irvine teaching Breakin’
  • Choreographed and Performed for well know artists and brands such as Nicki Minaj, Rich Brian, Volkswagen, and the Dallas Cowboys
  • Appeared on major network television shows like Saturday Night Live, BET Awards, NBC’s World of Dance and MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew
I love helping my students learn, grow and build their self confidence and achieve a healthy lifestyle

What is BreakFit?

Break Fit combines movements from Breakin’ (formerly referred to as break dancing) and bodyweight exercises into fun, challenging, and easy-to-follow fitness programs.

The 3 simple steps that keep our members motivated and excited to work out:

Step One

Use unique types of exercises that they have never done before in each workout so they never get bored and are constantly learning new movements

Step Two

Place the exercises to music so they push themselves to keep up with the beat and feel like they are dancing more than working out

Step Three

Put together unique combinations that they want master and show off even when they are not working out

Workouts utilize natural movements such as crawling, jumping, and rolling, along with various bodyweight exercises and Breakin’ movements to achieve fitness and make fitness fun again.

No need to schedule any workouts, all videos are on-demand and can be played anytime, anywhere.

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